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What’s the difference between my domain and my website?

Confusion between domains and websites can often arise because each performs a fundamental role in establishing an online presence - yet each serves different functions. A domain is like your website's street address. Your website is the space where you present your stuff to visitors - like a digital showroom.

What's a domain?

A domain is like a street address on the internet. It's the unique name people will type into a browser to find a website, such as

Registering a domain is like securing your spot on the block, a location with a custom address that isn't just a long string of numbers.

Real-World Example: It's a lot easier for someone to remember the corner of Main and 63rd Street than attempting to remember exact latitude and longitude coordinates like 41°24'12.2"N 2°10'26.5"E.

Domains make your address memorable and easier to convey. And you can grab a custom one through a registrar like GoDaddy!

What's a website?

A website, on the other hand, is the space where your files are presented. Think of it like the online showroom of your business. Your website needs to be hosted by a provider, and that provider can be different than the one that sold you your domain.

Hosting costs cover renting the space where all your inventory goes. When you purchase a website hosting service, you rent digital space on a server where your web files are stored.

Why is this so confusing?

Another reason for the confusion might be that many providers, including GoDaddy, offer domain registration as well as website hosting services. And routinely, you'll find that these services can get bundled together.

Using the same provider for your domain and website can simplify setup and yearly renewal processes. But this doesn't mean you can't use a domain registered elsewhere with a website hosted by GoDaddy. Likewise, a domain purchased here can be connected to your website regardless of where it's hosted.

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