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Where are my forwards after migrating to Microsoft 365?

After we migrate your email to Microsoft 365, you might not see your email forwarding in the same place as your previous email platform. Don't worry – we’ll go over where you can find your forwards.

Email forwarding is a feature that allows you to send a copy of an incoming email to another email address, such as redirecting one email address to a different one. After we migrate your email to Microsoft 365, you might need to check a few different places to find the forwarding you had set up with your previous email platform (like our Email & Office Dashboard, Outlook on the web or the Exchange admin center).

How do I find my forwards?

If you had forwarding set up before you migrated to Microsoft 365, there are a few places you can find them now. Work your way through the following sections. We'll go over places where to look, and how to edit those forwards.

Mail user with an alias

After migration, this is a common scenario where an external email address was involved in forwarding your email. The mail user is usually an email address belonging to a domain different from your Microsoft 365 organization, like a Gmail email address.

Example: has an alias of

  1. Sign in to the Exchange admin center (EAC). Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Note: To sign in to the Exchange admin center, you need to have admin of the Microsoft 365 organization.
  3. Under Recipients, select Contacts.
    recipients expanded with contacts highlighted
  4. Select the MailUser you want to view or modify.
  5. On the rightmost side, select Others, and then select Manage email address types.
    Note: The Others menu option will not appears for a MailContact, which appear in the same list as MailUsers.

    Select Manage email address types
  6. Depending on the changes you want to make, select Add, Edit or Delete.
    add, edit or delete email address types
  7. Save any changes.

You cannot create new mail users. If you didn’t find your forwarding address, continue to the next section.

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Distribution groups

During migration, a distribution group was set up for any forwarding addresses that did not have their own mailboxes and were sending to 1 or more recipients. You can access your distribution groups from 2 locations:

  • Email & Office Dashboard
    • This option can only be used to forward to domains in the same organization.
    • Example: forwards email to and

  • Exchange admin center
    • This option can also be used for a combination of recipients inside and outside your Microsoft 365 organization.
    • Example: forwards email to and

If you didn’t find your forwarding address, continue to the next section.

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If you had multiple email addresses with the same domain going to one mailbox, your forwards were probably set up in Microsoft 365 as aliases. There are 2 places where you can find and manage those aliases.

Example: will receive messages sent to and, since is set up an alias.

Move to the next section if you didn't locate your forwarding address.

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Rules in the EAC and OWA

If you had an email address sending copies of incoming messages to an external address, a rule would've been created in Microsoft 365. There are 2 places where you can find these rules.

Example: If incoming mail to was set up to leave a copy in the inbox and to forward another copy to, a rule was create in Microsoft 365.

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If you didn't locate your forwards after reviewing all the sections in this article, you'll need to recreate them. You can use any of the options outlined in the above sections.

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