SSL Certificates Help

Find my SSL Security Seal

Let your website visitors know they can conduct secure transactions on your site by displaying our free SSL Security Seal on your site. You'll be able to get the code and display the seal once we finish verifying your SSL certificate request and issue your SSL certificate.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Under SSL Certificates, select Manage for the certificate for the site you want to add the seal to.
  3. Under SSL Security Seal choose your preferred color and language.
    • Color: Select Light for white background with black text or Dark for black background with white text.
    • Language: Select the language for the seal text.
  4. Select Activate and the code for your site seal is displayed.

You can now copy the code and add it to the HTML source code for the pages where you want the SSL Security Seal displayed.

Warning: If you are replacing outdated SSL Security Seal code, remove the old code and replace it with the new code.

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