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Get the most out of Advanced Email Security

Now that we include Advanced Email Security with every Microsoft 365 plan, you can confidently safeguard your email and ensure a safe environment for your organization. Customize it to fit your specific needs and get the most out of its features.

Start by understanding the basics:

Explore these key topics (we highly recommend learning about these features!):

Advanced Email Security offers even more capabilities:

  • Email filters: Use criteria, like the sender address, headers and content, to filter your messages.
  • SMTP Discovery: Keep track of email addresses sending messages with your domain name that aren't added as users or functional accounts, like distribution groups and aliases.
  • URL Defense: Automatically rewrite potentially dangerous links that are sent to your organization’s users.
  • Emergency Inbox: Access your email when your inbox is unreachable.
  • Custom branding and logo: Customize the appearance of your dashboard to match your brand.

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