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How can I use advanced WooCommerce Subscriptions features with PayPal?

WooCommerce Subscriptions integrates with a number of payment gateway extensions for your store. Based on the payment gateway you're using, you have access to a different set of features.

Specifically for PayPal, you can utilize two different payment methods: a) PayPal Standard, and b) PayPal Reference Transactions via Express Checkout

PayPal Standard is a built-in, payment method offered with WooCommerce Subscriptions. It's the preferred method if you'd like to start utilizing basic features like recurring payments right away.

Note: PayPal Standard is not the same as the PayPal Checkout premium-extension, however, Paypal Reference Transactions may still be needed to take advantage of the advanced features of WooCommerce Subscriptions.

However, if you'd like to use more advanced features like allowing for multiple subscriptions to be purchased in the same checkout process and upgrades/downgrades, you'll need to setup and use PayPal Reference Transactions via Express Checkout instead.

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