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How do I use the dashboard?

The personalized dashboard for your store is a hub where you can get tips and guidance to manage and grow your shop. It connects the most common features offered by WooCommerce and WordPress into one page and makes it easy to get help.

To get started, log into WordPress and go to WooCommerce > Home. This is where you can find the dashboard split in three major areas:

Manage Your Store & Messages

The first section allows you to easily manage your store. You can find links that redirect you to all common WooCommerce pages in your site, some of them including the page to add a new product, enable payments, and configure shipping for your site.

On the right side of the Manage Your Store block, you can find the Messages block. Our Product and Care team will send you useful messages relevant to your store and the Managed WordPress Ecommerce platform. Make sure to check it often if you'd like to make sure you remain up to date with any changes to our platform.

The subjects of the messages will usually be about:

  • Getting started: a welcome message from our team.
  • Announcements: messages relevant to new features, changes, and other important information.
  • Requests for feedback/optional surveys: chances to get in contact with our Product team and offer your feedback.
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Scrolling down, you’ll encounter the second block of the dashboard which is a list of most visited shop settings. Some examples are the Products page of your site, the Orders page, the Product Reviews page, and the Store Performance page. You can use those links to optimise the navigation to different pages in your shop and enhance your productivity.

This block simplifies the navigation for your shop settings and is immensly useful for new merchants who are just starting to use WooCommerce and WordPress.

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Here you will find resources that will help you get more acquainted with using WooCommerce and managing your shop. You can find a Get started with WooCommerce video series, as well as documentation on how to grow your store, start selling, and get started with managing your site.

You can also use the information in this block to troubleshoot issues you may encounter and ensure that your site is configured exactly as you'd like. Below this block you’ll find a Get Help button that you can use to get in contact with one of our Care Guides. They can provide you with more resources relevant to your questions as well as help you troubleshoot any issues you may have encountered.

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