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Prepare for your website design consultation

We’re excited that you chose GoDaddy’s Website Design Services to build a site for you! Your first appointment with us should already be scheduled. If it hasn't been scheduled yet, you’ll receive a call within one business day, or you can schedule your consultation call in your Website Design Hub.

What’s most important for us is understanding why your business needs a site and what you want or don’t want on your site. This includes uploading the images, files and videos you want us to use. The details you bring to the call will help us achieve your website design goals and expectations.

We’ve prepared a list of questions and items you should be ready to share at your call:

When it’s time for our meeting

  • Choose one contact person from your business or organization that can answer all the questions on this call.
  • You’ll need to be at a computer for this call, as this will be a video consultation.
  • A website specialist will call you at the phone number we have on file, and then send a Zoom link for the video consultation.
  • Your call is expected to be 50-90 minutes, so please plan accordingly.
  • If you need to reschedule your consultation, you can do so in your Website Design Hub.
  • If you have questions before your call, you can contact the Website Team for Website Design Services.

If you don’t get a chance to fill out your brief, we’ve prepared a list of questions and items you should be ready to share at your call:

About you

  • Do you have a current website or store?
    • If you have a current website, bring your domain info to the call. We’ll need to know if we’re designing a website from scratch, or if this'll be redesigned.
  • Bring at least 2 website references to your call.
    • If you need design inspiration, you can view the Website Design Gallery to get ideas for the look and feel for your website.

Business Info

  • What kind of website or store design do you need?
    • Is this an informational, e-commerce, or a personal website?
  • What's your website goals?
    • Are you looking to generate leads, showcase your work, sell products/services, or provide general information?
  • How do you plan to use your site?
    • What do you expect your visitors or customers to see or do on your website?
  • If applicable, what do your competitor websites look like?
    • Bring these to the call, as it can help us think of ways to make your website stand out.
  • What contact information do you want displayed on your website?
  • Bring a brief business description.
    • We’ll need at least 2-3 sentences that describe what your business is, what customers/visitors you serve, and its purpose/mission (if you have one!).

Design details

  • Upload images, logos, product inventory, or other content you’d like to use for your website
    • We know gathering assets can be a challenge, but we don't want this to slow down the design process. If you need help with photos, let us know! We have a great selection of stock images to use.
  • Will you need copywriting services?
    • We'll always check for grammar, misspellings and punctuation. But if you'd like us to create content for you, we can!
  • Will you need help with branding?
    • If you don't have an established brand or are looking to rebrand, we've got you covered! We'll walk you through a brand personality quiz on the call, and we'll incorporate the results into your site design.
    • If you've bought Logo Design Services or Marketing Services , we'll incorporate those design items.

Site features

  • What features does your website or store need to be successful?
    • Think about what important tasks you want people to complete when they visit your website or store. Do they need to book appointments with you? Do you accept different forms of payment? Do you need an event calendar? Do you sell memberships or subscriptions?
  • What's the most important info you want on your homepage?
    • This is the first page your visitors or customers will see, and we want to make sure we're representing you and your business in the best light.
    • If you need help, your website specialist can recommend the best content to highlight.
  • Other site elements
    • We'll take the information you provide and display it in areas we believe work best for your site. We can then make further changes and refinements upon your request.

After your consultation

  • We'll send you a recap email with important next step information.
  • You can access your Website Design Hub to keep track of your site’s progress and other important milestones.

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