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Quick Start Guide: GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal docking station

Review basic setup instructions for your GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal V3.0 docking station.

Step 1
USB-C cord is inserted into the charging dock.

Familiarize yourself with the different ports in the docking station for your Smart Terminal. The docking station includes one ethernet port, one RJ11/RJ12 port, two USB-A accessory ports, and a port for a USB-C power adapter.

Step 2
Docking station with ports for accessories and a power cord.

Place the Smart Terminal in the docking station. Make sure that the larger screen (the merchant screen) is facing you and align the terminal with the charging pins in the dock.

  • To charge your Smart Terminal, plug the power adapter into the USB-C port, then connect it to a power source. When the LED light turns green, your device is fully charged.
  • To connect an accessory (like a printer), plug a USB-A cord into the docking station and then connect it to a compatible accessory. The Smart Terminal must remain in the dock to use accessories connected via USB-A.

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