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Request an email campaign for Marketing Services Premium

Email marketing campaigns allow you to directly engage your audience, helping to drive awareness, customer loyalty, and even increased sales and revenue. Upon your request, we'll design and send an email marketing campaign to fit your needs.

Required: You must have added email subscribers to request an email marketing campaign.
  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Select Websites + Marketing, and then next to Marketing Services Premium, select Manage.
  3. Select Marketing, then Email Marketing.
  4. Select Request Email Campaign.
  5. Choose the group you want to send to, and then select Next.
  6. Choose to Make a Special Announcement or Share a General Update. Then, select Next.
    • If you choose to Make a Special Announcement, under Event Starts At and Event Ends at, select the calendar to choose a date, and then select the dropdown menu to choose a time.
  7. Enter the information you want us to know about your email subject line and body. We’ll use this as a reference when crafting your email campaign. Then, select Next.
  8. (Optional) If you want to include links in your email, select the dropdown menu to choose your link type, and then enter your URL. You can select Add another link to add more links. Then, select Next.
  9. Select Add or Browse Images to upload images from your computer or Media Library. Or select I want you to choose images for me and enter a description of the type of images you'd like us to use. Then, select Next.
  10. Choose Schedule it for me, to have us decide when to send your email. Or choose I'll schedule it myself, select the calendar to choose a date, and then select the dropdown menus to choose a time and time zone. Then, select Next.
  11. (Optional) Under Any final thoughts?, enter information about your email campaign you'd like us to know. Then, select Submit.

Our team will create your email campaign in about 2 business days. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll send you an email to approve it or request changes.

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