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Site Maintenance packs in the Hub

A Site Maintenance pack gives you access to a set of premium features to better manage your sites in The Hub. There are some differences between the way premium features are billed between The Hub and Pro Sites.

When you're ready you can add a Site Maintenance pack to The Hub.

What’s included in the Site Maintenance pack?

All Site Maintenance packs include the premium versions of these features:

  • Performance check: Scheduled and on-demand checks, and email notifications when something is wrong.
  • Security check: Scheduled and on-demand checks, and email notifications when something is wrong.
  • Backups: Can be scheduled to run every week, day, 12 hours or 6 hours. Backups can also be downloaded.
  • Uptime monitor: Constantly monitors your site and notifies you if it goes down. Also includes HTTP and keyword monitoring.
  • SEO monitor: Monitor the rank of the keywords you choose and their visibility score.

What’s the difference between the tiers?

The difference between the tiers is only the number of sites supported. All the tiers give access to the same premium features.

  • Starter (Tier 1): 5 sites
  • Professional (Tier 2): 50 sites
  • Agency (Tier 3): 100 sites
  • Enterprise (Tier 4): 500 sites

You can purchase and combine plans in any way that meets your needs. For example, if you manage 150 sites, you can purchase a Professional and an Agency pack.

What is the difference between premium tools in Pro Sites and the Maintenance Pack in the Hub?

When using The Hub, you’ll purchase a pack depending on the number of sites you want to have the premium features. Every site covered by a maintenance pack has access to all premium features.

Pro Sites’ billing is completely ala carte, and you upgrade each feature as needed, separately for each site.

How can I switch to the Hub and use the Site Maintenance pack?

After you log in to The Hub, you’ll have an option to purchase a pack from your main site list and within an individual site’s dashboard. Selecting either one will take you to a page with more information and the option to purchase a pack.

How does my billing change when I switch to The Hub from Pro Sites?

Immediately after purchasing any Site Maintenance pack your billing for these premium features moves from Pro Sites to The Hub and will remain that way going forward. If you try to make a purchase in Pro Sites after changing to The Hub, a notification will appear to redirect you to The Hub to make the purchase. So, you won’t need to worry about paying for the same feature in more than one place.

Can I still use Pro Sites billing when I switch to the Hub and Site Maintenance Pack

No, after switching from Pro Sites to The Hub, you won’t have the option to purchase or activate tools in Pro Sites.

Which features are included with sites hosted with GoDaddy?

Sites hosted on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress, cPanel Linux Hosting, Websites & Marketings and other hosting plans have access to all premium features for free and the sites don’t count toward the total included with your Site Maintenance pack(s).

Can I still use Pro Sites when I am on the Hub Site Maintenance Pack?

Yes, you can still use Pro Sites and all of the features. The settings, activation of the premium tools, and the related billing will be managed within The Hub, though.

So, if you purchase a Site Maintenance Pack in The Hub for 50 of your sites that are already set up in Pro Sites, you’ll have access to all of the premium features for those sites within Pro Sites. And if you remove your maintenance pack then those features will return to their free versions.

What if I switch from Pro Sites to The Hub a and I have more sites than the Site Maintenance pack I purchase?

If you have more sites set up in Pro Sites than the Site Maintenance pack you purchase, you’ll be presented with a pop-up that lets you pick the sites you want to be associated with that pack.

The same pop-up will let you upgrade your pack or purchase an additional pack if needed.

Will my current settings for features be transferred from Pro Sites to The Hub?

Any premium features in Pro Sites will have their settings copied to The Hub when you make the switch. However, any free features will change back to their default settings after the switch.

After switching, what happens with the tools not currently available in The Hub?

You’ll still have access to any tools in Pro Sites that aren’t yet available in The Hub. And the premium versions of those tools will also be activated for any sites associated with your Site Maintenance pack(s).

How are Backups different in the Hub?

In the Hub you'll have the option for automatic backups every 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, day or week. All four options are included with a Site Maintenance pack, without any change in the price based on the frequency you choose.

Can I use both Pro Sites and The Hub without changing my billing?

Yes, you can use both tools without purchasing a Maintenance Pack in The Hub. Your Pro Sites features will still be available as they are now, and your feature settings and premium feature activations will be copied to The Hub.

What happens if I have unpaid bills in Pro Sites?

When you switch to The Hub and purchase a Site Maintenance pack, any outstanding bills from Pro Sites will be forgiven.

Can I downgrade features?

Yes, you can downgrade premium features from within that feature’s settings.

Can I use The Hub’s premium features with sites that aren’t hosted by GoDaddy?

Yes! Sites can take advantage of The Hub and all of its features, regardless of where it’s hosted.

Can I change my billing from The Hub back to Pro Sites?

Yes. You can opt-out of using the Hub and use the legacy Pro experience instead.

Note: At a future date all features and billing will be handled by The Hub.

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