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WordPress core updates on Managed WordPress

WordPress is an ever-changing ecosystem; updating your site is important for a secure, healthy site on our Managed WordPress platform. We make that process much easier by offering automated updates for WordPress core.

Our system performs updates automatically in the background without manual intervention by you.

Deployment of WordPress core updates

WordPress core updates fall into two categories, major and minor releases.

Major releases

  • These releases have new features and can break backward compatibility. For example, the planned 6.3 release in August 2023 would fit here. Or 7.0 in the future.
  • They are not deployed immediately in Managed WordPress and undergo a lengthy testing process to ensure sites are safe to upgrade. We do so for a couple of reasons:
    • To give plugin and theme authors more time to update their code to be compatible with the new major releases.
    • Like any other major software update, there are typically a few bugs that weren't identified when released. These bugs are soon corrected in the subsequent minor release.
  • These releases are deployed within 2-4 weeks of the official WordPress release date or until the first minor release is available.

Minor releases

  • These are mainly security and maintenance updates that include bug and security fixes. For example, the recent 6.2.1 release.
  • They are tested briefly.
  • They are typically deployed seven days after the release date.

Coming soon!

  • For users who would like to have their site upgraded immediately, we're working on an option to do so yourself.
  • For users who would like to postpone the updates, we're working on an option to defer the updates for 30 days.
  • Note: These features are projected to be available by the end of 2023.

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