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What is the difference between delegate access and Account Administrators?

You used to be able to assign an "Account Administrator" or "Account Executive" for your account, but we learned that the Administrator system frustrated a lot of people. So we replaced it with Delegate Access. Let us explain:

Account Administrator access:

  • Didn't include purchasing and couldn't be extended beyond a pre-configured list of tasks for only a few products.
  • Was complex for many customers to set up.

Delegate Access:

  • Gives your web pros access to all products and domains in your account. You can even give them permission to purchase GoDaddy products for your account if you like.
  • Allows your delegates to open and use your products as needed to design and develop your websites.
  • Keeps your account information, like your passwords or payment methods, secure. Delegates don't need and can't view or change your account information.

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