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Add Online Appointment services

Online Appointments are a great way to have customers schedule time with you and your staff at a time that's convenient for everyone. Schedule to meet at your business, at a location set by the customer, an online/virtual meeting, or any other location you wish.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your website.
  3. On your dashboard, select Appointments, and then Services.
  4. Select Add Service.
  5. Choose one of the three types of appointments:
    List of three appointment types in Websites + Marketing Online Appointments
    • Appointments: Open up general blocks of time based on your calendar. You set the details, customers choose the time that works best for them.
    • One-Time Event: These special events can be set to occur whenever you like, as often as you like, and can extend to multi-day events like a weekend-long craft fair, or music festival.
    • Repeating Events: Open a regularly scheduled time for a class or event. When you create a repeating event, your customers will still need to sign up for each appointment in the series individually.
  6. Fill out all required information marked by a red asterisk (*), depending on which appointment type you choose. Remember to add an image--appointments with images get higher customer engagement.
  7. Set pricing and how you would like people to pay.
    • Free: No payment field will be shown since there's nothing to pay.
    • Amount: Set a price for your service or event. Remember to set up online payment if you are setting up full payment or deposit. The three different ways you can accept payment are:
      • Require full payment: The person signing up must pay in full online.
      • Require deposit: The person signing up can pay a portion up front (at least $1 or your currency) and the rest later.
      • In person: The person signing up does not pay online, which allows them to pay using cash, check or card when they see you.
    • Custom: Use this option for text instead of a number. For example, "Call for estimate," "Price varies," or something similar.
  8. From the Service Location, select where you would like to meet.
    • Online/Virtual: Specify an online meeting place and a short text field to provide a PIN or other instructions.
      • Connect to Zoom here or via your dashboard by selecting Appointments and under the Settings column select Apps. This will allow you to create a unique meeting link for each booking.
      • If you choose Enter my own, you can add your own meeting link for other platforms like Google Hangouts and include accompanying instructions (Meeting ID, PIN, etc.).
    • Business Location: Meet where your business is located. (To change it, go to your dashboard and select Appointments and under Settings select Business.)
    • Customer's Location: The customer sets a location after creating the appointment. (Available in Appointments only, not One-Time Event or Repeating Events.)
    • Other: An open text field for you to enter any address or location, like a park (to have yoga classes, for example).
  9. When you're finished, select Save. Your appointments are automatically updated in your website, no need to publish your site.

Once an appointment is saved, editing it only changes future appointments. Current and past appointments are not changed. Also, the location cannot be changed but here's what you can do instead.

Added services will be listed on the Services page under the Active Services tab. Previously offered services will appear on the Past Services tab.

Note: Drag & drop services on the Active Services tab to sort the order that these services will appear on your site.

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