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Add WooCommerce products to the GoDaddy Payments catalog

Include your WooCommerce products on the Poynt catalog that’s connected to the Poynt Smart Terminal for in-store payments.

You can manually add each WooCommerce product to the Poynt catalog using the guide here under the Commerce Hub tab to add products to the product catalog, or import them from WooCommerce following the steps described below.

Note: The products on your WooCommerce store and Poynt catalog are maintained separately, and currently, there isn’t a way to automatically sync these. This means that as you add products to your WooCommerce store, you’ll have to run the import to Poynt catalog again to keep the catalog up-to-date.

Export products from WooCommerce and import them to Poynt Smart Terminal with the below steps:

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. Go to Products and select All Products
  3. Select the Export button at the top of the page.
  4. Leave the default settings in place except for selecting Simple products in product types. So the export should have: Export all columns, Simple Products, Export all categories, and unchecked for all custom meta.
  5. Select Generate CSV.
  6. Create a new CSV file and add the first row of columns as: shortCode, name, sku, upc, price, catalog, category. You can also download a sample CSV file here.
  7. Enter information or copy the WooCommerce product columns as below:
    • shortCode: enter manually any short string, or leave blank
    • name: copy the Name column from the WooCommerce file
    • sku: copy the SKU column from the WooCommerce file
    • upc: copy the ID column from the WooCommerce file
    • price: copy the Regular price column from the WooCommerce file
    • catalog: enter Main for all rows
    • category: copy the Categories column from the WooCommerce file
  8. Save this CSV file and then upload it to the Poynt catalog by following the steps described in the article about using the Bulk Uploader under the Web browser tab.

Currently, we only support bulk import of simple products rather than variable products. In order to properly configure variable products to your Poynt catalog, these would need to be added manually

If you run into any issues or need assistance with converting your WooCommerce products export to the Poynt catalog CSV file, you can reach out to our Care team using the Get Help.

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