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Allow indexing of all pages in WordPress

Canonicalization describes how your URL is being used. Your URL can be used inconsistently for the same page (e.g., and these will show the same page but they may resolve to different URLs. This can cause search engines to index your site incorrectly.

You can use the following steps to make sure all of your WordPress site's pages can be indexed properly to help improve SEO ranking. There are many third party tools available to perform this test. We will be providing steps to use the URL Canonicalization test provided by If you select a different tool, be sure to review the documentation.

  1. Navigate to the URL Canonicalization Test tool.
  2. Enter your domain into the Website URL field.
  3. Click Checkup!
  4. Review the results.
    • If your URLs resolve to the same URL, no further steps are required.
    • If there is a conflict, you may need to perform a Find and Replace in your database to correct the problem.

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