Change a page element in WordPress

Modifying an existing page element in WordPress usually requires a plugin or manual customization. When changing elements on your site, you have two options:

  • Call our support number and one of our experts can do it for you for a fee.
  • Do it yourself following the instructions in the tables below.

WordPress Premium Support

Our support experts can perform the following services for you for a fee:

  • Change or remove text, a picture or a link.
  • Change the position of a sidebar.
  • Add, remove or change social media icons to the site.
  • Add, remove or change a newsletter opt-in.
  • Add, remove or change an author box to the blog posts.

Do it yourself

To do it yourself, see one of these steps Difficulty
Add an author box to WordPress posts Basic
Add social media buttons to WordPress Basic
Add a newsletter opt-in in WordPress Basic
Change the layout of a page or post in WordPress Difficult
Add an image to a post or page in WordPress Basic

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