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Export your database

Step 2 of the Migrate my WordPress site manually series.

Warning: If you're migrating an online store, you should put your site into Maintenance Mode before exporting the database to prevent orders from being placed. You'll need to add a plugin like Smart Maintenance Mode.

How you export the database for your WordPress site depends on your current host. These steps assume that you (like many WordPress users) are using cPanel with phpMyAdmin.

  1. Sign in to your cPanel hosting account for the WordPress site you're moving and launch phpMyAdmin. If your WordPress site is hosted in a GoDaddy Linux Hosting account, follow these instructions to access your cPanel phpMyadmin.
  2. In the left menu, select your WordPress site's database.
    list of databases in phpMyAdmin
  3. In the top menu, select Export.
    select export
  4. In the Export Method list, select Quick, and then select Go.
    selct quick install then go

A file with extension .sql is exported to the default download location on your computer.

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