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Mapping Your Domain Name to Squarespace

If you have 6 domains or fewer and you'd like to automatically connect your domain name to Squarespace with our help (we'll do the heavy lifting for you), see Forwarding Your Domain Name.

If you built your website using Squarespace and want to use your domain name registered with us, you'll need to complete the following steps to point your domain name to it.

To Point Your Domain Name to Squarespace

  1. Add your domain name to your Squarespace account (Step 1 - Link Your Domain in Squarespace's guide).
  2. Add/edit the following DNS records (more info):
    Record TypeHost Points to
    A record@
    A record@
    A record@
    A record@
    CNAMEUnique code from

    You must delete all other A records besides those in this list.

  3. Verify your domain name through Squarespace (Step 6 - Complete Domain Verification in Squarespace's guide).

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