Set up my new Office 365 email account

Set up your new Office 365 account by connecting your domain and creating your GoDaddy Office 365 email address. Afterwards, you can set up your email on your phone or desktop.

  1. Locate your GoDaddy Office 365 receipt email in your inbox, click Get Started.
    Click Get Started
  2. Choose your domain and click Continue.
    Choose domain, click continue

    Note: You can set up your email on a external domain that is not registered with GoDaddy.

    Have an existing Workspace email on this domain? You'll see an Existing Email notice. Click Continue and switch your domain's email service to Office 365.

  3. Complete Office 365 Email form by entering the following info:
    Field Enter info
    Username Enter a username (example:
    First name Enter the user's first name.
    Last name Enter the user's last name.
    Link domains? Select Do not share (unless the domains are part of one business or venture and you want users to share contacts an files).
    Administrator permissions Select Yes to assign admin permissions to this account.

    Note: We recommend seting up your first email account as an admin so you can manage your account. This option displays when you have multiple users on the same account.
    Create a password Create a new and unique password for this account.
    Confirm password Enter the password again.
    Send account info to This is where we'll send account notifications such as login info and set up help when your account is ready. You can add up to five email addresses.
  4. Click Create. You'll get a confirmation email sent to the address you provided.
    Choose domain, click continue

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