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What are GoDaddy Conversations channels?

With GoDaddy Conversations, you can communicate with your customers through various channels, such as Chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Business Calling & Texting.

It's available to all Websites + Marketing customers, but you must be on a Premium or Commerce plan to access Business Calling & Texting.

Note: Website Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Messaging conversations expire 7 days after receipt. The conversation is then closed and you can no longer reply. If the same customer sends you another message later, the conversation reopens and you can reply.


With Chat, customers on your website can connect with you in real time. You can respond in the GoDaddy Conversations web application, the mobile app for iOS, or even directly through email.

Chat comes with customizable features such as availability hours, greeting messages, automatic confirmation messages, and chatbots. If you have a Commerce plan and sell products on your website, the Order Bot will automatically respond to customers asking about order status.

Chat is currently rolling out to Website + Marketing customers in phases. If you do not see this channel yet, please keep using Website Messaging to communicate with your customers.

Website messaging

Website Messaging allows your customers to message you directly from your website. They receive a confirmation text message from a temporary, system-generated phone number, and you receive an email notification. You then reply to them when you’re ready.

It’s available to all Website + Marketing customers. If you're on a Premium or Commerce plan, you can respond directly to incoming messages using the GoDaddy Conversations web or mobile app.

To set up GoDaddy Conversations for website messaging, see Connect GoDaddy Conversations to my website.

Facebook Messenger

Connect Facebook Messenger to GoDaddy Conversations to chat with customers who leave messages on your Facebook business page.

To connect Facebook Messenger to Conversations, see Connect GoDaddy Conversations to my Facebook business page.

Note: You must use a Facebook business page through Facebook for Business. GoDaddy Conversations will not work with personal Facebook pages. See Facebook's help article on creating a business page for more.

Instagram Messaging

You can also connect your Instagram business account to GoDaddy Conversations and chat with customers who send you direct messages through Instagram.

To connect Instagram Messenger to Conversations, see Connect GoDaddy Conversations to my Instagram business account.

Note: You must use an Instagram Business account that’s connected to your Facebook Page for Business. GoDaddy Conversations won't work with Instagram personal or Creator accounts. See Instagram’s help article on setting up a business account on Instagram for more.

Business Phone Number

While website messaging and Facebook Messenger only respond to inbound messages, a dedicated Business Phone Number gives you the flexibility to contact your customers directly through text messaging and calling.

Import contacts from your phone, or create contacts (any US phone number) and add them to a separate contact list just for your business. Since there's no expiration date for these text messages, you can text whenever you want.

There’s no additional cost to get and use a Business Phone Number with Conversations.

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