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What are GoDaddy Conversations channels?

With GoDaddy Conversations, you can communicate with your customers through a number of different channels. For example, you can use Website Messaging, Facebook Messenger, or business calls and texts.

Note: GoDaddy Conversations is available to Websites + Marketing customers who are on the Premium or Commerce plans.

Website messaging

You can respond directly to incoming messages from your site using the Conversations mobile app. Once a customer contacts you, you can exchange messages.

After your customer leaves a message on your site, they receive a confirmation text message from a system-generated phone number. This is a temporary number that's created specifically for your account’s website messages. You'll receive the customer's message on the GoDaddy Conversations app, where you have 7 days to respond before the conversation expires. After expiration, you can only respond to that customer if they send you another message.

To set up GoDaddy Conversations for website messaging, see Connect GoDaddy Conversations to my website.

Facebook Messenger

You can chat with customers who leave messages on your Facebook business page. The expiration date for these conversations is 7 days after you receive the customer’s message. After expiration, the conversation is closed and you can't reply. If the same customer sends you another message, the conversation reopens and you can reply.

Note: You must use a Facebook business page through Facebook for Business. GoDaddy Conversations won't work with personal Facebook pages. See Create a business page for more information.

Business Phone number

While website messaging and Facebook Messenger are set for only responding to inbound messages, a dedicated Business Phone Number gives you the flexibility to contact your customers directly through text messaging and calling. You can import contacts from your phone, or create contacts and add them to a separate contact list just for your business. Send texts or call one of your contacts or any U.S. phone number. Since there's no expiration date for the text messages, you can text whenever you want. There’s no additional cost to get and use a Business Phone Number with Conversations.

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