Your website is moving! Now what?

You're website is getting moved! Now what?

GoDaddy is constantly working to provide our customers with the best hosting experience on the market. As part of these efforts, we're upgrading our Windows 4G hosting customers to Plesk hosting and our Linux 4G hosting customers to Linux Hosting with cPanel. We know that moving can be hard, but we're taking care of the heavy lifting for you. All of your website content, databases and files will be moved to your new hosting platform automatically. Before we move your content for you, there are a few easy steps you can take to make your migration go more smoothly.

Before you do any clean up, make a backup of your files and databases, and save them to your local computer.

  1. Remove domains names and subdomains from your hosting account that are no longer in use.
  2. Clean up your files. Get rid of folders and files that belong to defunct websites, or that you have no need for. You can do this with FTP, and make a backup of your current website at the same time!
  3. Get rid of unused databases.

That's it! Now that your hosting account is cleaned up, it's ready for migration day!

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