How to Sell Online

Your bottom line is looking up.

Online selling isn't hard, you just need to know where to start. Fortunately, you're already here.

How to Sell Online

Side hustles. Moonlighting. Second jobs. Today people are always looking for an additional source of income, which is why the gig economy has taken off. But what do you do? How do you bring in some extra cash while still maintaining your day job? The hustlers out there know the secret: Selling online.

There's only one you, but with an online store your website works 24/7. It's like there's a whole team of people on your side helping you out. All you have to do is process the orders when you're done with your 9-5.

Of course, this sounds like it's complicated, but it's not. First you figure out what to sell, then pick your platform and finally, start selling online. Let's walk you through it.

What to sell online

Good question, right? Everything is fair game, from crocheted doilies to personal training services. We've listed a few good options above, so feel free to go through them and see what works. But if none of them hit the spot quite right, then let's take a moment to figure out what will.

Start with your loves. Let's say you enjoy working on cars — restorations, customization, etc. Well, you could document that process and create an online video series that you could sell. Or you could hire a graphic designer and turn it into a book. Or you could find a source for a part that's hard to get and sell that.

Or let's go another route. Say you love taking photos, and over the years you've built up a solid collection of shots. You could sell your photography online as stock photos, giving customers a license for your goods. Another option is to sell your services using your online store so customers can schedule and pay for bookings. You've got options.

Figuring out what to sell online might seem hard, but once you think about it for a little bit, you may find yourself with more choices than you thought. Now you just need a platform.

Picking a Platform for Online Selling

Finding an online store option can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Well let's break it down based on ease of use and go from there.

GoCentral Online Store is a great option for people just setting up shop. You've got a robust series of options for selling physical goods, as well as a system for selling services. And with the added SEO and social media tools, you can get your business up and running in under an hour. If you want a system that's easy to setup and use, but doesn't get into complex code, this is a good place to start.

WordPress is your next option, and it's a big one. WordPress is a website building tool that's almost infinitely customizable, with thousands of themes and plug-ins at your disposal. As a result, it can be as simple or difficult as you want it to be, which means that it's not necessarily for beginners. With a WooCommerce plugin (which is included with our WordPress hosting plans), you get tons of horsepower to sell physical or digital products. It makes online selling go smoothly, which is always a good thing.

Then there's the rawer options: Do it yourself and have it done for you. If you're comfortable with coding, you can design your site from scratch. Just get yourself a domain and hosting, and you're good to go. But chances are that's a bit more of a time sink than you want, so having a professional design it for you is another choice. We offer both Standard Web Store and Premium Web Store plans, where we design your ecommerce site to your specifications. If you don't want a standard option and feel the need to do something custom, this might be your best bet.

Start Selling Online

By now you've got the logistics figured out, so let's get to doing it. Buy a domain, get it hosted (either through GoCentral or your own site) and get started today. Remember, the promise of the side hustle is that glorious extra cash to help out with expenses. If you do this selling online thing right, you'll have all that and then some.