What are .charity domains?

If your passion is helping others, the charity domain name shows you roll up your sleeves and work hard to create better lives for those in need. Unlike many domains indented for business use, dot charity is for organizations that typically operate without profit.

When you register .charity, it lets you stand out online by clearly stating that you aren’t here to make money — your goal is making lives better. Forget about profits, mergers and acquisitions. With dot charity, it’s all about making a real-world impact for those who need it most.

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.charity domains use a term with roots in Old English. Originally, it had distinctly religious implications. But over time, charity became more closely aligned with the French word charité, which means demonstrating love for your fellow people through generous giving. Today, arguably, that’s what dot charity brings to mind for most people.

More than just the act of giving, charity is also the name we give to organizations dedicated to giving resources to those in need. These groups have all types of missions, from protecting endangered species to preserving cultural and historical landmarks. These types of non-profits include:

  • Environmental charities
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Health charities
  • Education charities
  • Cultural charities
  • Animal charities

Non-profit organizations might also be interested in .charity domains. Although today non-profits and charities mean essentially the same thing, there are very specific rules that apply to when someone can call themselves a non-profit.

You generally have to submit to an audit by your government’s tax office, which will then officially designate your group a non-profit. This provides exemption from many of the taxes paid by for-profit organizations, letting a charity focus resources on the mission at hand.

What can dot charity accomplish?

To truly know what you can accomplish with a .charity domain, you need to look into the eyes of someone whose life changed due to your work. Charitable organizations have undertaken some remarkable feats that impacted countless lives.

In times of crisis, groups such as the International Committee of the Red Cross provide food, shelter and protection for refugees. Other organizations like Oxfam International focus on poverty, focusing their work in some of the poorest countries in the world and providing residents with essentials like food and water. Many hospitals operating today, in fact, do so without profiting in any way — making them charities with local impact.

Of course, a domain name isn’t responsible for accomplishments of an organization, but having a .charity web address may make it easier for people in need (or donors or volunteers) to find the right resource, which means more lives changed.

Register .charity to begin your mission.

If you want to buy .charity, chances are it’s for something that will make the world a better place. Don’t hesitate, because every day that goes by without your .charity domain name is a missed opportunity to help those in need. There are people out there who could benefit immensely from the kind of work you do. Start giving them reasons to smile. Register yours today.
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