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What does .co.uk mean for your business?

With more than 10 million registered, .co.uk is the smart choice for U.K. business. Get yours and join the millions that have made it one of the most recognized domains in the world.

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With hundreds of new domain extensions, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Get the web and email address shoppers know with .co.uk.

Who can buy a .co.uk domain?

Anyone can buy a .co.uk domain.

Are there any requirements to register .co.uk domains?

There are no requirements to registering a .co.uk domain.

What if my .co.uk domain is not available?

You can still expand your digital footprint by registering org.uk, .uk, and .me.uk.

Which domain is better .com or .co.uk?

.com is widely used by international business while .co.uk is used by U.K. businesses. If you're going to do business in the U.K., get a web address shoppers know.