Mark your online presence in .ink.

There are a lot of reasons you’d want .ink on your permanent record. Not only is it short — which matters when customers are scouring their brains for your web address — it’s evocative. That makes it perfect for anyone whose work seeks to evoke a particular response. A .ink domain is perfect for individuals and organizations like:

  • Bloggers
  • Visual artists
  • Novelists
  • Tattoo studios
  • Print shops
  • Graphic Designers

Make your brand more imaginative.

Writers and visual artists have been gravitating to .ink because it references their creative process — whether that’s words on a page, initial sketches or finished artwork. A website and domain are important ways for communicating with your online community or clients, but they should also reinforce who you are offline. .ink makes your words, art and process a part of your story.

Register .ink and let your creativity run wild.

With .ink, you’ve got a little part of many common words in the English language. And when you stack a few letters before .ink, you really get people’s attention with your outside-the-box thinking (also called a domain hack).

Anyone who’s looking to show off their smarts can use .ink domains to delight people and stand out online.

Think that’s too farfetched? C’mon, you already took that big step by looking for ways to brand yourself with a unique domain. In fact, you’ve got more creative mojo than you might… think. (See what we did there?) You and .ink were made for each other.

Make your idea real before the .ink dries up.

Getting pretty excited about the .ink domain? That’s great, but you aren’t alone. Hot new domains get snapped up pretty quickly — and you can bet .ink domains are no exception. If you’ve got an amazing idea for .ink, don’t wait another second. Go grab it for yourself.
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