The sky’s the limit out in .space

Take off to the stratosphere with .space, the versatile and personal domain that is yours to define. Build a forum for an inventive idea you’ve nurtured for a while, or go where you’ve never gone before. Visitors to your website will know they are entering an arena of art and entrepreneurship that will broaden their minds and spark their own creative ideas.

Join an eclectic breadth of artists and business visionaries already on this unique new domain. Singers and songwriters invite you into the sacred .space of their music, while a global initiative builds a .space for people who share sustainable consumer practices. This domain is perfect for creative individuals and larger enterprises alike. All you need is your imagination to fill the .space.

An expansive web address for your big idea.

Many different kinds of business ventures and individual creators have pioneered their wide open .space. If you’re looking to showcase your artistic work, market unique goods and services or embrace a community, .space is your sphere in the vast online world. It’s a great domain for:

  • Startups and tech companies

  • Celebrities and public figures

  • Artists and performers

  • Designers and illustrators

  • Bloggers and curators

  • Musicians and film makers

  • Ecommerce and marketplace sites

  • Communities and forums

  • Studios and galleries

  • Co-working spaces

And of course, astronauts, engineers, rocket scientists and fans of everything beyond this planet, this domain is the one for you (you’re just sharing it with the rest of the world). If you want to shoot for the stars, there’s no better address to express, inspire and infinitely build your idea than .space.

Create your place in the universe with .space.

The .space domain is home to co-working spaces around the world that give people a platform to work and travel anywhere. It’s the online landing place of exciting and undiscovered fashion designs. Both private trainers and developers of large-scale tools to facilitate flow between teams and leaders have made their .space on this domain. Ready to launch your own vision? Register your .space today and expand your online horizons.
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