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Auto renew refund

I feel cheated. On several occassions I have requested GoDadday to cancel auto renewal on my domains. for two years I haven't paid attention to the account as thinking it wont auto renew i kinda forgot about it. however, i got a receipt for it today and then went into my account and saw that it had also auto renewed this time last year. i called the support and they said they dont have any record of my request. i said i had spoken to someone who had called . he said aha, it was outbound call, they cant cancel auto renew. then i was miss sold, as clearly they told me yes we confirm this is now cancelled. i am sure if the calls are recorded then it must be there on the recording. i also requested to be removed from all comms, which hasnt happened. i wonder if godaddy takes gdpr can i get a refund, i made a request and i have a email stating we cannot refund and has given me a link to read their policy. godaddy is another outfit that fleeces their customers and is protected by small print. run far far away from this outfit. (this is also going on facebook and linkedin)

Community Manager

Hi @NikKarni. Sorry you're having an unpleasant experience. First, I just wanted to let you know that this is not a support forum, so it wouldn't be possible for anyone here to address any account specific issues like the generation of a refund. I also wanted to let you know that it is possible for our outbound agents to update automatic renewal settings if they have validated access to your account, which is usually something they do on the call. I apologize if you were given incorrect information. I'd recommend getting in touch with a support supervisor so your issue can be thoroughly reviewed. Also, in regard to GDPR, you can find information on how that's handled for EU residents in this article. I hope this helps. 


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