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Online store

I have recently set up a website and it has been published. I then set up an online store and added 1 product which can be seen on my website and sales are being accepted. My online store still says set up and I recieved no information on what had been bought from my site from go daddy. I realised something had been bought as I received an email from Paypal. Why does my store still say set up and not manage? And how do I see info on what has been bought on my Go Daddy account as Paypal does not provide the quantity?
Community Manager

Hi @Podisodd. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that you have more than one Online Store set up. It's possible to have more than one free trial at a time. I'd suggest logging in and going to Under Websites, you should see your store. If there is more than one account listed there, you can delete the one you don't need to avoid confusion. 


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