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Unable to stop monthly charges

I closed an old GoDaddy account back in December due to security concerns. Since then I have been charged over 30 USD every month. I tried your support team but they said if its charged it means the account was not closed but I used the support line to close it in the first place since the email associated with it was compromised and i no longer had access to it.


The products associated with the account are not even a year old to begin with so why am I getting charged for them month after month? Why am I getting charged for a closed down account months later? Why is there no email to talk to someone in charge regarding this? I have tried the hotlines but after hours of waiting I have no more call credit and the bank has closed my account due to the suspicious activity. I have requested someone call me. I have begged and pleaded but the chatbots and barely humans working on it simply keep asking me for the PIN number associated with the closed down account which i cant get since the account is closed. They then said to simply reactivate the account and then I would have the PIN which again I cant do because then the account would be open again plus I can not access the email whatsoever. 


This simple thing is ruining my life and has cost me last hundred dollars. Please where can I resolve this issue ASAP? I have run out of call credit, have my bank account closed and had money STOLEN from my account by someone in your organization for products that werent set to auto renewal, 2 of which were not even a year old and for an account that was formally closed. 

Community Manager

Hi @OAY. Thanks for taking the time to share your issue. It sounds like there is definitely some confusion occurring in your situation. 


In your first paragraph, you mentioned you closed an account. However, in the next paragraph you mention that "the products associated with the account are not even a year old". My guess is that you've had more than one account with us. If you permanently close an account with us using these instructions, then it's not possible for charges to be occurring in that account (this method is the only formal way to close an account), nor is it possible to reactivate it. If you "closed" the account in some other way, it's possible that there is still an active product incurring charges in the account. 


To move forward, it's important to know whether or not the charges in question ($30 per month) are a service you previously signed up for. If you are being charged for products/services you did not initially purchase, then your way forward is different than if you did initially purchase them. 


From your post, it sounds like you're not able to access the account the charges are in because you no longer have access to the email on file for the account. If that is the case, you will want to submit an email update form. This should allow you to regain access so you can cancel any renewing products and potentially request a refund. This is the only way to regain access to an account if you do not know your PIN. 


If you are certain that the charges you're seeing are for something you did not sign up for, one of our Care Guides can collect the payment information for the payment method being charged and have that escalated for review. Typically if you are being charged for a product or service that you have not signed up for, those products/services can be canceled and refunded without needing you to gain access to the account. 


I hope this information helps you move forward. Please note that this is a Community forum and is not used to conduct account specific support. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.