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Why the price hike? - past 5+ years

So.. for the past 5+ years, i've had a few domains with GoDaddy, and when i bought them, the price was 9.99/yr per domain...
Last year, Godaddy, in their infinite wisdom, enabled "auto renew", and charged me for 2yrs for my domains (i was going to let one of those domains expire, and intentionally turned off auto-renew)
I contacted GoDaddy, and they refunded, and let the domain expire.. Cool..

However, i just logged in to renew my other domain, which shouldn't be due until next year anyway, and the price is now $15/yr per domain..

I was NOT informed of a price hike.
At this point, it seems godaddy has become big enough, that they feel they can just arbitrarily change prices without notification, and settings without permissions.. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of moving all my domains to another registrar. I mean, i handle the DNS for myself already, I mean really.. 15/yr just for ICANN seems a bit excessive considering the yearly fee ICANN has is like $0.18 - $0.20 per domain.

Maybe i'm just ranting a bit here, but it sure would be nice to get notified of pricing changes that affect me.