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You're about to lose another customer

I've been registering domains with you for a long time.  Today I get an auto-renewal email where you arbitrarily decided to set the term on one of the domains to 2 years.  You're already over priced, and now charging me for two years on who's authority?  I certainly don't see a setting in the domain manager when I can choose how long each auto-renewal is set for...  Seriously, I can buy these domains elsewhere for 1/2 the price and often less.

I used to host all of my sites on one of your shared servers - then I moved the sites to several of your VPS servers.  I've found better service elsewhere, for much less money.  I have 12 more robust servers (faster cpu, more memory, more cpu cores, more storage, more bandwidth) around the world for the price I paid for 2 of your VPS servers.

The only reason I stick around here is because moving domains and DNS would be a pain in the ass.  I'm fast approaching the conclusion that you don't want me as a customer.


Re: You're about to lose another customer

No response... fine.


The pain in the ass begins. 60+ domains - this is going to take about a week.