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    Hi all. Total Noob here. Feeling completely lost.

    Hi everyone. I am in the beginning stages of launching an apparel line. I bought my domain name for 3 years and I am absolutely LOST on how to get started, so I spoke to a web friend of mine and asked him what to do.
    He said I need to install Wordpress on my GoDaddy domain. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

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    Re: Hi all. Total Noob here. Feeling completely lost.

    Getting someone like you started is exactly what GoDaddy's support is there for. Feel free to call (602) 814-8877 if you want to talk to someone.


    To setup a WordPress site, you need web hosting. GoDaddy has managed wordpress, which is an easy option to get a site up and running, most of the hard stuff's handled for you. If you are going to be running a store with your line, Business Hosting is better able to handle complex sites.


    But if you don't even know what wordpress is, it's a big undertaking to learn how to make a site. You might look into our professional website design if you need a site made for you, or the GoCentral website builder for something that's easier to learn and use.

    Helper II

    Re: Hi all. Total Noob here. Feeling completely lost.

    You are not alone.  I have had an account for a week and still can't find my "template".  hahaha.  It's like learning algebra, again.


    I did call support and they were wonderful.  Patient, articulate, and understood completely.  Great customer service.  


    I know my website is somewhere in this website.  Maybe if I sniff harder, I'll find it by nose.  loolo

    Helper II

    Re: Hi all. Total Noob here. Feeling completely lost.

    After wandering through the WordPress maze, I finally went with GoDaddy website builder.  Perfect for a novice like me.  check it out, if you wanna:  amyhallpaints.com


    Oh, and your customer service has been wonderful.  Easy to talk to and patient, especially knowing they take call after call after call after call.


    GoDaddy was a good choice.