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    Looking for Feedback on my Blogging Site

    Brand new to blogging and I am old so this has been no picnic using wordpress although I've built websites elsewhere with ease.  Frustrated with the size of my sign up widget and the comments section but don't know HTML so am I stuck with what's offered?   My blog is:


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    You are doing a great job, Britt! 😉  (And, you are living my retirement dream!)


    A couple things...


    => You'll want to create a handful of categories that you will file your posts in.  Better now than having to play catch up!   Creating categories now keeps your site in focus as well as making it clear, based on the categories, what folks can expect from your Blog.  Being you are more about the relationships of RVing instead of RVing itself -- that's a niche you can take advantage of!  As your content grows this will help to organize your posts and allow visitors to gravitate to their area of interest


    => No social media.  Facebook and Twitter would be great to auto-post to so that folks who prefer those platforms will see updates and go to your site.


    => I was surprised when I went to your About Us page and it started in the 3rd person and then migrated to first person.  That didn't fit with everything else I read.  I would go completely first person.  Talk about why you do what you do and your inspiration and passions. 


    => The header graphic is cute but I would see about removing the background from you and Stephen and lay that on top of the header graphic.  There's many programs out there that can remove backgrounds on photographic images.


    => With WordPress you can easily swap out themes if you don't like the layout of your current one.  Sizes of fonts and spacing is usually handled in the style.css file of your theme.  Generally speaking you don't want to mess with that file unless you are on a child theme (otherwise when your theme updates all your changes will be lost).


    You are off to a great start!  The cool thing about Blogs is thery are a work in progress and you can change, modify and delete as your site evolves.


    Have fun! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin