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    My site is for fantasy sports fans--need suggestions on developing content

    Hi everyone.


    My name is Aaron, and I am the owner of a web site called Fan Ball Zone. The web site is meant to be a platform for fantasy sports fans to talk about fantasy baseball, football and basketball. The primary market is for millennials who love to gamble on sports and play fantasy sports as well. The web site is a work in progress. There is very little content to speak of so any suggestions as to how I should develop content for the idea I have would be appreciated. Also, I was wondering whether I should set up any back links to the site or create the content first before setting up back links. Thanks so much!


    Aaron K,
    Owner, Founder of



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    Very nice site!   Don't know much about Fantasy Football but you seem to have it all covered.  


    Two things I looked for and couldn't find -- a FAQ.  You know best what questions you get asked most about your site and FB -- included those and use the FAQ as an opportunity to point to your tutorials.


    I also could not find any social media icons.  I would put those in the footer/right and in the internal side bars.  Lost opporutnity to not post to and let folks follow you on social for updates.


    How are you planning on monetizing if at all?  With ads or membership fees.  If the former the more content the better.  Being you are in such a competitive arena (About 31,600,000 results on Google) what separates you from all those other sites?  What makes your site unique and different?


    As far as backlinking  -- not sure what you mean by "setup back links".   Buying links or procuring them in an unatural manner could hinder your efforts.   I would work on building your content and getting your social followings in place first.


    HTH! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin



    congrats on the site! Fantasy sports is awesome. I would focus on the theory of hub/spoke content so you can excel your efforts. FAQs are always a solid approach, especially when targeting common search keywords - explain everything in detail. 


    You can check out my site which takes the idea of a fantasy sports draft but for season tickets. Check it out at - lets collab on some fantasy sports content.