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    New Business, New Website - Any Thoughts Would Be Appreciated!

    hi everyone my name is kirsty i am the own of I have only now really started  my business up so any comments would be really appreciated


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    Fun to start a website isn't it?  😉  Here are some suggestions:


    => The homepage graphic is not the right size for that space.  That's why it is pixelated and blurry.  You are going to want to replace that with the appropriately sized graphic.   When it comes to images you can always decrease size and look good -- but never increase.


    => We want to add the following pages in addition to the little blurbs on the homepage:


    About:  Why you started your business and who you are.  This is your oportunity to show you are a real person behind this screen and not a fly-by-night.


    Policy Page: Order, Shipping, Leadtime and Return policies.


    FAQ Page:  Answers to all the quesitons you think potential customers may have about doing business with you.  You can use your FAQ page as a way to link to the more detailed policy pages above.


    Contact Page


    => Definitely need to rermove the email address.  Hotmail is not a good idea for business both from a reliability and credibilty POV.  You want to use your domain name for an email address to help begin the branding of your new business.  Instead have a link to a contact form.


    => No social media icons.  Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter would be a good start.  Setup using the same handle/username so you are consistent across all platforms.  Then add social icons to the header and/or footer of your site.


    => No Blog?  Having an engaging and interesting Blog will go a long way to helping your new site stand out from all the others already online offering similar products.


    HTH! 😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Thank you , sorry to sound stupid but some of what your saying i really dont understand

    @kraazeheaven    What questions do you have?   The only bad questions are those that go unasked.  😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin