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    Review my website : www.mindapps.co.in

    It will be great if someone review my website and give your valuable feedback.


    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Review my website : www.mindapps.co.in



    => I know that colors are subjective but the blue background, navy text and maroon with yellow text header do not mesh or give a professional impression.  You have so many beautiful images with the color/light spectrum that I develop a more complimentary color-scheme.  Here's a cool site where you can generate a palette of complimentary colors and then use that throughout your site.


    => The logo to the left of the header, outside the body/frame of the site, seems out of place. 


    => On your contact page the yellow text has to go.  Then as I went from page to page more clashing colors! Create your palette and stick with that consistently throughout the site. Black text with a few accent colors.  No need for all the different background and text colors...


    => If you've read any of my other reviews, you know I'm big on using the About page to connect with site visitors.  That means writing in the first person -- not third.  While you have an incredible list of accomplishments, who is your about page targeting?  Talk to them.  Share some personal info about why you do what you do and how you want to help.  If it's just you -- ditch the "us".


    => Many of your pages have about a foot of blank white space which causes unnecessary scrolling.


    => Ran a speed test and there is a lot of room for improvement (F and D!)


    HTH! Smiley Wink

    "I failed my way to success." ~Thomas Edison