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    Do GoDaddy impound and re sell your Domain?

    Do GoDaddy steal their own clients domains? 


    I have been a long term GoDaddy client these past 5+ years - with several active commercial domains.


    So when one of my GoDaddy domains expired - which I had bought from them for $10 several years previously - I was not unduly alarmed and the FOLLOWING DAY I logged into my GoDaddy account to renew the domain subscription... or in the worst event purchase the now vacant domain name again. I had not monetised the domain it had remain unused.


    However when I logged in I realised GoDaddy had immediately impounded and ring fenced the domain THEMSELVES and now owned the domain THEMSELVES. Their new terms required me to pay a premium to GoDaddy to purchase the expired domain from GoDaddy.  So GoDaddy now owned my domain THEMSELVES.  


    It appears therefore that as a GoDaddy client if your domain lapses, even by a matter of minutes, YOUR DOMAIN does not become FREE AND VACANT but instead GoDaddy appear to RETAIN YOUR DOMAIN NAME and additionally have the right to immediately IMPOUND and RINGFENCE your domain THEMSELVES and thus be able to offer to sell THE DOMAIN back to you for a larger premium. 


    Fundamentally in using the GoDaddy domain registration service you are also becoming a financially obliged business partner with GoDaddy because should you wish to leave the relationship once the term expires your domain will NOT ACTUALLY EXPIRE but be impounded by GoDaddy - then to be sold back to you.

    Network Solutions.jpg


    UPDATE: I have now found the MY DOMAIN for sale for $377 (SCREEN SCAN ABOVE) on an apparently RIVAL domain registration service called NETWORK SOLUTIONS. Is it possible that NETWORK SOLUTIONS are a sibling of GoDaddy selling what amounts to STOLEN GOODS? 

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    Getting Started

     GoDaddy gives you time to renew even past the expiration date, it's called a redemption period and should that period lapse than the domain goes through a transition period of by default staying within the registrar for auction. Should no one show interest than the domain period ends and becomes nonexistent thus capable of registering again for $10.

    You are indeed sir a corporations dream client. Reality however is slightly more nightmarish. So when the rental contract on my condo ends, it ends. The contract date tells me so. Common law also protects me (and all like me) from the wealthy all powerful property owner then asking for a hugely inflated price from me for the same property. My rental of the GoDaddy domain has an end date. But in fact it does not end on that date. It enters a twilight zone. In the GoDaddy twilight zone the rules become skewed and we have no protection from a common law.  My former domain (of which I also own the trademark) is now being offered for sale to me by GoDaddy now as a PREMIUM DOMAIN and they want me to pay $377.00 to regain my $10 property.  I am questioning the company´s practice. You sir are not. 

    I'm not because I've operated in the business for eight years and I understand how it works, I can see how someone new to the business would think it theft when in fact you were the one who didn't renew the domain despite notifications sent to email on the registration information (I'm sure you will deny receiving these emails but I get them frequently so perhaps you used a different email when registering). Regardless this is NOT a piece of land but should you default on a loan the bank repossesses your Real Estate and auction the property so in effect the same thing does happen. When you bought this domain it also told you 1 year, not 1 year and 1 month. YOU forgot to renew the domain so shaking your fist at a storm won't resolve the fact.


    It's possible the domain is under whois privacy and while it shows GoDaddy someone new owns it they just don't want their information shown. If you have a trademark on it I would call GoDaddy and send them the trademark documents but they won't just hand it over, if you still have issues you can have an attorney file a UDRP to get the domain back but that can become costly and the sale price is cheaper I assure you. Most likely you will have to suck it up for your own mistakes, the redemption period after the expiration date I believe is something like $250 so $377 isn't far off. The rules Godaddy plays by by the way are mandated via ICANN which is a third party board, they don't just snatch these rules out of thin air. 


    Alternatively you could just find another domain 😉

    Your tone is only telling of your age young sir. I had one of the first domains (at the time in Spain) back in 1994. The scenario here is an intellectual property matter, not a rookie GoDaddy attorneys as you appear to be. Mine is not a matter of sour grapes, and I ve never denied the domain lapsed, that is your youthful invention again.  I am interested in an intellectual conversation and review of practice and so would suggest you scamper off to your bedroom and leave this to the adults.   

    You called the rules GoDaddy abides by "theft" and malpractice which is inaccurate sir; if you don't deny the domain lapsed without your renewal than I'm not sure I understand the complaint. I'm not an attorney nor do I offer you my services simply someone who enjoys answering questions despite the insults, next time I advise you stay on top of your renewals. Enjoy your day!

    After repeated efforts you seem quite determined to avoid joining or creating any meaningful conversation - the thrust of the post is not about the oversight/lapse of a domain -  it is the fact a lapsed domain clearly has not actually lapsed, but been ring fenced by GoDaddy,  and on their own terms. Whether those terms are published or not is immaterial ... I trust history has taught you that.... a political party and its manifesto does not always abide by law. This is something that fundamentally requires an open and experienced mind to explore.  Theft and malpractice you now sit as judge and jury on it seems [quoting your blind "ìnaccurate sir":defence of GoDaddy]. My mind is rather more open.

    I guess I must not have understood than, can you please explain the expiration process and include the dates of your domain's expiration that did not coincide with their rules?

    Why are you still here friend?  Those mundane co ordinates you raise are not at question and will not alter policy. This is a constitutional matter. As a partisan GoDaddy advocate you have neither an intellectual nor philosophical interest in this matter so please buddy just move on.  

    No the domain expiration process is neither in the constitution nor later added in the Bill of Rights though I agree a shame. If you want to speak with someone on this in regards to intellectual property I would advise contacting an attorney rather than a GoDaddy forum and please make sure to open and read their terms of service from now on when purchasing a domain. Enjoy your day!

    Please move on (for about a decade) as your judge and jury role does not belong here or on any other community or forum.