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    Does Godaddy have an ebay style auction facility?

    I'm looking to build a website that includes, but is not only, an ebay-style auction site.   I can't find that facility here.  Anyone help?

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    Hi @JohnnyHop,

    you can either link your domain to your eBay shop (think it has to be a proper Ebay shop), or employ a developer here to build you such a site.

    Also when you say 'eBay style' just make sure it doesn't really mean eBay copy. Or your site will end up blocked and taken down faster than a humming birds fart!

    No it wouldn't be an ebay copy, it would be selling a single commodity only and it would have non-ebay features such as anti-snipe.  There are off-the shelf solutions that I may use and merely link to my main site


    Thanks for your advice, rock on

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    good luck Smiley Happy

    Helper V

    No, Godaddy does not have an eBay style auction facility. If you can't find something that has been written by someone else then you will need to write your own. If you can't write it yourself then you need to pay someone else.


    Anti-snipe is likely not simple to do. If you simply say that they can't bid within a specified amount of time before the end of the bid then they know they can bid just before that specified amount of time before the end of the bid. Perhaps you want to prevent automatic sniping but there are probably other people that can figure out how to bypass anything you can do. Of course, eBay provides the ability to increase bids automatically. Non-automatic sniping is a way to overcome eBay's use of automatic bidding.