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    Domain price increased after initial search

    I recognize this was a hot and controversial topic years ago, referred to as 'domain front running', that GoDaddy tried to put to bed. But I had a very recent and similar experience where, after searching for a .com domain, seeing it available for cheap (less than $100), and even putting it in my cart, suddenly it was unavailable. Checked it later and it was for sale but for over $4500. And GoDaddy owns it, if I'm not mistaken. 


    I bought several of the non-dotcom domains for cheap, which I'm happy with, but still quite curious why the valuation coincidentally spiked, whether GoDaddy truly owns it now, or who the ultimate owner is (and whether they're doing anything with it). Thanks for any insight, feedback or theories.  


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    Community Manager

    Hi @pivot29. Thanks for posting. You're right that this topic is one that has come up many times. Each time I've ever looked into it, the cause is usually related to one of these situations:

    • There was a website error when we performed the initial search
    • There was a problem/error with our connection to the registry when we performed the search
    • The registry itself had a momentary glitch that provided the wrong results. 

    Any time one of the above happens, our site will list a domain as available and thus listed for the regular price. However, subsequent searches usually work correctly, and then the correct price is returned. I much higher price like you've shared above is usually the result of the domain being registered by another party that has posted the domain for sale on our website. A quick WHOIS search should bear out when the domain was registered and who it is registered to. It's highly unlikely that the domain in question is registered BY GoDaddy, though it could easily be registered WITH GoDaddy. Feel free to share the domain in question and I'd be happy to take a closer look. 


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