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    Why? I can not post .health domains as Premium when Godaddy Subsidiary can list

    Hi all


    I just found out something very disturbing.

    I just bought bunch of .health domains in order to flip them as I saw other .health domains as Premium listing on Goddady while I was searching for names. I spend C$76.01 (Canadian Dollar) on each of these names but now Godaddy is not letting me list them while they have this monopoly going on. I was advised by a Godaddy Representative that the listed .health domains were posted as Premium by Godaddy's Subsidiary Company which is called Afternic. I went to Afternic webiste looking for answers but their site didnt even let me register a .health domain as it didnt find any results. It show it's available when I am logged in Godaddy. This name is still available while I am writting this. This is unfair practice by Godaddy. I remember them in early 2000 and they were much better; but as soon as the grew this happens. They only reason I stayed with Goddady till now is because of good customer service or else all their domains are over priced specially if you dont have a domain club membership.



    Either this rule should apply to all or none ... the way I look at this from where I am sitting is I got tricked and waisted alot of money and time looking for all these .health names that were just released yesterday. Just to let you know I am not your first or last customer but you are not the first or last Registrar either. I am a member in other domaing forums and it is my duty as a domainer to advice other domainers about this incident. I am also going to look to file a formal complaint through an appropiate channel.


    P.s No Thanks ... if you going to offer refund for the names I looked up and purchased them thinking I can post them as Premium listing while the market is hot for .health since it was released yesterday.


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    Hello @cass2K


    Thank you for reaching out regarding this confusing situation.  Godaddy direct customer listed premium domains are limited to top TLDs (.com, .net, .co), this is only because of registry requirements.  For your GTLD domains it is recommended you list at or Afternic directly, both will still populate as a "premium domain" search and available for sale when you have them listed.

    To clarify Afternic is one of Godaddy's sister companies and is another platform that allows you to list your domains not only with Godaddy but with other partner registrars as well.  

    For more information or additional tips on how to list your domains please reach out to us directly at: