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GoDaddy is spamming me with "These domains are up for renewal" emails every week

I currently have over 100+ domains registered with GoDaddy and every week I am now receiving what I can only call SPAM at this point telling me " These domains are up for renewal. "


Since I have well over 100 domains I get one email like this for nearly each and every domain I have with GoDaddy.


And I've started receiving these spammy emails from GoDaddy once a week.  I'm starting to get really annoyed by these emails and was told I can't turn this notifications off? Why?


All my domains are already set to auto renew and I am still receiving these spammy emails every week for each domain that I own that I already have set to auto renew anyway. In December 2018 I received over 600 emails from GoDaddy just about: These domains are up for renewal.


Someone from GoDaddy please tell me how to stop receiving these unwanted email reminders for domains that I already have set to renew at GoDaddy.


If you can't do that I'm happy to take my hundreds of domains and annual renewal fees to another provider that won't keep email spamming me every **bleep** week.


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Hey there @loftybits,


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I understand the frustration but there is no way to stop renewal emails for a very specific reason. When I was a call center agent at GoDaddy, I can't tell you how many screaming customers called in because they didn't receive a renewal email and they had to pay a redemption fee of some sort to get their domain/site back up and running.


While I understand it's frustrating, this is done for your benefit so you don't lose a potentially profitable domain. You can set a filter up in your email client of choice to push those emails to a separate folder automatically so they don't clog up your main inbox.

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At what point does it become spam and annoying then? 


Send me one or two notices a year. That's fine. You are sending me hundreds of emails week after week for domains I ALEADY HAVE SET TO AUTO RENEW. 


Maybe if you emailed me every day instead? How about spam me by the hour?


A better solution would be for you to allow me to turn off these annoying emails rather than filtering emails on my side,


Not a great answer to be honest, so still an annoyed customer over here.

Hi @loftybits,

So sorry that you're frustrated with us! I'd love to talk with you about this if you're willing to jump on a call. Please confirm and I'll touch base with you. Thanks much!


RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Hi Rachel... Would it be possible form me, same as with the other godaddy customer who is complaining?

thank you


Hi Rachel


Yes, I am available to speak with you about this issue by phone anytime this week. Please reach out to me directly on my mobile number in my GoDaddy account profile and I am happy to discuss this issue with you further to hopefully find better solutions for customers like myself and @Apostillados and others who own many domains with GoDaddy but who are receiving far too many email notifications and unwanted reminders from GD.




Hey @loftybits & @Apostillados,

Sorry that I'm just seeing your messages now! Would you please send me a private message through the Community with your email addresses and I'll get in touch with you early next week. Thanks so much! I look forward to talking with you. 


RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

I have the same question, and the same situation.

godaddy refuses to STOP sneding these Pain in the (...) reminders, once a day, for each domain, every day.

Same as you, I am considering to change ISP and Hosting service provider, moving all my domain names out of godaddy, which is what godaddy is forcing me to do, by refusing to STOP.

godaddy should let us decide and select, IF we want or do NOT want to be reminded on DOmain Name Registration renewals, or renewing any other service; and by selecting NO RENEWAL REMINDERS option, would release godaddy from any responsability if the customer does not renew, and looses the domain name or whatever was not renewed on time.

As simple as that.

As I said, and as many others, I insist, that this actions done by godaddy, FAR from having me renewing my services, will end up in making me LEAVE godaddy and use another ISP and Donain name Registration Service in ANOTHER company. SO godaddy should edit and DELETE the term on the service agreement, which allows godaddy to spam us every single day, for every single domain name or service is within 5 - FIVE! months of the renewal date... period.