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Held to ransom - domain names AGAIN - already lost one domain - Redemption Fees

I have long recommended GD for domain name registration. I will not be doing that any more.

First rates are way too high and secondly GD is blocking domain transfers either deliberately or by incompetence. 

About a month ago I tried to transfer a domain and could not due to an error page. Forgot about it and when I went back I was a day too late and now it is a GD hostage. I asked for it to be renew briefly so I could transfer it but was denied. I refuse to pay GD fees so it is now in limbo.

Almost worse than that, ALL my domains are now blocked. When I go to manage all my domains I am directed to

which seems to a have a permanent 431 error.


I am complaining directly to ICANN and would encourage others facing similar problems to inform ICANN too. 

Finally I am anything but surprised that the only links on the manage-domains page that work are, of course, the renewal links.

Truly dreadful business practices.