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Selling domains - GoDaddy and listing Premium Domains

I recently found out that in the last 6-9 months Godaddy changed its policy regarding selling domains it holds for current customers. It used to be free to set up a simple unpromoted "premium listing" for domains. I had a couple listed earlier this year at no charge and the same in the past. When I went to renew the listing on one because it had not sold I found out that Godaddy now requires customers/sellers to pay a yearly fee for their auction service, for ANY listing, unpromoted. This is unreasonable. I suggest Godaddy revise this and allow free listings, but change its fee contingent on a sale. I have no way to sell my domains without paying some up-front fee, unlike in the past. The fee gets me nothing really, I still have to pay even more for promotion. 


Would appreciate Godaddy management/sales response on this. Also would appreciate other customer response - do you think the same on this, or has the "new" upfront fee system for selling domains ("Godaddy Auctions") worked out better for you and how? 


I really think customers and Godaddy could achieve greater mutual benefit if it were easier and free to list domains for sale. 


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The auction membership fee has always existed - at least for the 10+ years I've been with GoDaddy. The fee is minimal, a mere $5 (USD) to list all the domains you want into the auction service. As Premium domains are a set-price listing, they are purchased in a different way than the auctioned domains. There are two fees paid on a Premium Domain - a transfer fee and a registration fee. Sales tax is also applicable to premium domain names. You can read more about listing a Premium domain here. Commissions paid to GoDaddy for these domains will depend on the sale price you've chosen. 



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So what category is "available for free" for selling a domain? Did you know that recently Godaddy eliminated free "Premium Listings"? [Yes, it used to be FREE, now it is not, apparently.] I cannot add new domains for sale there or change existing listings to renew, which is why I called Godaddy last week and after the tech person had to go ask someone else, the answer was "you now have to pay up front for Godaddy Auctions to list any domains for sale". I had been getting errors "Requested action cannot be performed by your account" when trying to add domains to free Premium Listings. Someone should get their story straight here, it seems there is no support or clarity on selling domains through Godaddy. Really irritating, since money can be made by both Godaddy and customers selling domains, if it were obvious how to do it, how much the listings are, who sees them, after-sale fees, etc. The documentation he provided a link to does not clear things up for me.