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domain transfer not working


I can not contact customer support because I live in the Caribbean and I can not make international expensive calls. And very stupidly godaddy is not reachable by email, which is really ridiculous.


now for my question:

I need to transfer two domain names from godaddy to another domain registrar.

domain names:



I am 100% sure that I have the right authorization codes.

My new domain registrar gets the error:

array ( 'message' => 'Incorrect authorization code', 'type' => 'ProcessError', 'http_code' => 400, )


What is the problem here, I need help of godaddy.



can anybody help me? or is there a way I can contact godaddy by email? Please help.

godaddy chat ALWAYS offline. godaddy not reachable by email.

that is no service. I need help!




Good way to go bankrupt godaddy! just let your customers pay, and then do not help them at all.

I have the same problems with you as well! I do not know why they are not reachable by email or text chat! Disgust!