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    Asking for more Information about Godaddy Reseller Program

    Hey there!

    I have had a lot of questions but I haven't been fully made to understand what I want. Before I subscribe to Godaddy Reseller Program, I would want to understand properly how it can be beneficial to me. I understand that once I become a Godaddy Reseller, I will become like an independent Web Hosting company. But in actual sense, I will be selling on behalf of Godaddy and at the end of the Month, I receive my pay in form of commission. Now my major concern has been how exactly will I get my commission. A few days ago I asked whether SWIFT CODE Method is applicable with Godaddy commission payment method but you told me you only use Tipalti for commission payment. 
     So my Question is, do I have to setup a Tipalti account to be paid? Do I need a paypal account to get paid? How Do I connect with Tipalti to recieve my Godaddy Reseller commission?
    The problem is you offer little details about the payment methods and I have been a little bit stuck. I would want to understand how Tipalti works with Godaddy to pay my commission. 
    Please help me to understand and thank you so much in advance!
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    Community Manager

    Hi @ugacomp,

    Glad that you're interested in the Reseller program! As I mentioned to you in this community post,, the best bet is for you to call our Reseller support team to talk with them about how the program works. They're the best team members to advise you. You can reach the Reseller support line at (480) 505-8857. Thanks!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.