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Domain Name vs Linux Web Hosting

If my primary location I want users redirected to is a google site... but I want them to come through my primary hosted godaddy domain name, do I need Linux Web Hosting.  Can I accomplish the redirect with just the domain name and a configuration somewhere? 


Asking b/c it's a non-profit site and we're tight on finances. 



Helper III



You can do what you want to do without getting Linux Web Hosting.  What you want is domain forwarding or masking.  GoDaddy has an article that describes what it is and how to set it up here:


Based upon what it sounds like you want, I'm guessing you want Forwarding with Masking, but I would read the article before you make that decision.  Forwarding with Masking will show your domain name on the address bar, but behind the scenes, the user is actually browsing whichever site you have it configured to forward to.


Hope this helps!

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Adding to @jvanderb's response, we've actually got a step-by-step guide on how you can point your GoDaddy domain at a Google site. No Linux hosting needed. 🙂

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