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Emails from my website are not being sent


For a month, emails sent from contact, register new user...are not being sent!!. This is not the first time that it happens, but it has never lasted for so long and always solved itself, so it is not a problem with the source code of my website (I use the PHPMAILER library).

I also have schedul a backup of the database through the cron job, in the cpanel, and it doesn't send the confirmation email that the backup has been made.

And I have other website in the same hosting (this website is Oscommerce ) and it doesn't send the emails either.

Support hasn't given me any solution.
I hope someone can give me a solution to implement, or at least tell me that Godaddy is working on the problem, because this is causing me serious problems and the only solution will be to migrate to another hosting.

Thank you for your help

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @nebur81, what type of hosting is the form mailer set up on?  Are you running your site on a shared hosting plan, or from a dedicated server?  Have you tried updating the email address in the form mailer settings to see if messages get delivered that way?  



Getting Started

I have a shared hosting (Web Hosting Deluxe Linux).  Even using the php function mail() directly it doesn't work. As I said I have two wbesite in the hosting, one with Oscommerce and other made by me.  In both of them until a month ago the mails were sent correctly, and nothing has been changed in the source code. I use PHPMAILER and the method mail. All my accounts are in WORKSPACE EMAIL.


Anyway, I have schedule a backup from cPanel and godaddy should send me an email every time the backup is performed. It's an email that should send me godaddy and I have not received it for a month, so it can't be a problem of my websites.