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Node JS And Commandline Apps?

I want to use commandline apps like ffmpeg with PHP code on my server (Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel), is there any way to do this?


Also is there any way to have NodeJS running with my current hosting package?




Also if i cannot do it myself manually would it be possible to have ffmpeg, imagemagick and youtube-dl installed on my server?



Hello guys,


I would like to ask if godaddy supports NodeJS for shared hosting?


Kind regards,


Hey @smzcool


Currently our shared hosting plans do not offer or support NodeJS. However, it is possible for you to install and use this with our VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Server options. We even offer some general help documents to get you started if you decide to use one of these plans.


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at



Thanks for this. Very useful. I also require Node.js support, coupled to an SSL cert, but I have a further question - please see below.


May I ask if I've purchased an SSL cert from GoDaddy, but not yet issued a CSR for the cert. I have a GoDaddy hosted domain ( that I would like to add my GoDaddy-purchased SSL to so that I may install Node.js. I intend to transfer this domain to my own server....


I also have my own cloud server so would it be possible to use that already purchased GoDaddy SSL cert with my own server after the domain transfer has taken place?