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facing problems while accessing our sites from some ISP's like IDEA and VODAFONE.

We are having our sites hosted on GODADDY WINDOWS VPS.


From last few days we are facing problems while accessing our sites from some ISP's like IDEA and VODAFONE.


The erros we are getting










But if we use Google's open DNS with IDEA and VODAFONE our sites are accesible.


we are Located at Pune...

I am ready to pay any expert charges if someone from Pune comes to my office and resolve this issue...


Kindly Help...

Helper VI

@shamiratan from what you say, it looks like an ISP problem. It may be possible that they DNS servers didn't work well, or if you have recently made changes to your domain's dns maybe their servers didn't catch up with the propagation yet. I'd recommend you to pick a shorter TTL in your domain dns and see if that works.

Also, you may want to try contact the ISPs, and check if they are having an issue.


Hope it helps!

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Talked to Godaddy Guys... They denied any fault..


And we have observed the same issue with Most of the VPS of Godaddy...


We noted this problem with other service providers(ISP) as well but the issue is same. But at some location the same Idea ISP is allowing my sites in getting connected. We are not facing any issue with JIO..

We hosted the same websites to Shared Sites then we see that everything is functioning well...

I have used Windows Server 12 with Plesk & WHM with Linux server but the problem remain the same...