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    Be Ready To Put People Off


    Much of business is counter-intuitive. It is important to grasp this issue and to free yourself up from self doubt and uncertainty.


    Be ready to put as many people off you as you need to. What matters is who you do don't do business with, as much as who you do do business with.


    Most of us make the mistake of wanting to be popular. We want to get five star reviews and to turn prospects away because we are so busy. That is potentially disastrous thinking.


    “Less is more” implies that “more is less”, therefore. This is an overlooked pearl of wisdom when it comes to how we approach our words online.


    The marketing wisdom that 1,000 visitors is a worse scenario than 100 visitors interested in buying what you offer certainly applies. However, 10 visitors with their credit cards in their hand clamouring to buy is better than the 100 visitors mentioned above. Part of what clarity does is to make it clear to the other 990 in this scenario to not bother you.


    Even if you could get all of those initial 1,000 people to talk to you, you might do well to convert 10 of them, and you would have wasted so much time talking to the others that it would have blocked anything else you need to do. The more you narrow down your focus, the more you will get people to sign up, to buy, to buy again, and so on.


    The knock on effects stack up too. Getting clarity means that you can make a better stab at Facebook Ads, or Google Adwords, for example. Even if you are engaging an outside agency to run your campaigns. But, how do we get to clarity?


    Step away from the day to day for a moment and consider:


    • What kind of business are you in? Products or services?

    • Technical services, or more common place?

    • A distress purchase (for your customers)? E.g. emergency plumber, drains doctor, or electrician?

    • A competitive market where you don't want to compete on price alone? Your website should reflect that need. Of course you should still have the equivalent of a buy-now button. But you might also consider a free report download option if your intention is to get prospects to put their head above the parapet, so to speak.

    • Or is it a needs must service, such as accountancy, legal services, real estate services or similar?


    Once you have sorted your basic elements out, you can better work out what you want your website to do and to structure it accordingly. “And what it does is, and what this means is”...is the key part of getting to the benefits for your customers. Answer this and you are ready to better target your words, pictures, videos and more. For example:


    “I run ABC emergency plumbers...and what we do is...to come out no matter the day of the week, or time, to sort your plumbing or heating emergency out as soon as possible. This means that we put your mind at rest, we stop leaks and the damage that they can cause, we can repair your heating system in double quick time, to ensure that you and your family can keep warm. This is some of what we do. If you think we can help you, it costs nothing to call us. Just get in touch.”


    Just because people absolutely need your service does not mean that you can't empathise with them and reach across to them. They are likely to remember and recommend you at the very least.



    Equally, you might be selling something that your prospects might not NEED. But they sure as hell want. For example, shoes. Most pairs of heels were not really needed, but few if any, were not wanted at the point of purchase.


    “We sell shoes, and what this means is that we enable our customers to strut their stuff and feel great, knowing that their shoes say all that is needed to be said about them”. You have identified the benefits of what is really sold, in both of these illustrations of plumbing and shoes websites.


    Get creative in your thinking, and ask questions of others, and debate with them too. Ask about what they think the most important things are about a business doing what yours does. More importantly, ask them how they would like to FEEL about doing business with your kind of business. Feelings are much more accurate barometers of what really motivate visitors to take action and ask for more information or to contact you. That is because feelings are the gateway drug to identify the benefits to your customers of what you do. Once you have them by the heart, their thoughts will follow.


    The purpose here is just to get you engaged in thinking. It is impossible to give strict guidelines about how to think, or what to feel. It is important that you do as much thinking as you can about what you are really selling, and how you can be of value in what you are offering. Do that and you will be streets ahead of your competition. If you still can't write a word, then you will at least be a whole heap clearer about the brief you give to a copy writer to produce your content for you. And that has to be worthwhile in and of itself, right?







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    Very well expressed @nomdaploom thanks for sharing. 

    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head